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Pain and Suffering Damages

Pain and suffering damages are also sometimes referred to as “non-pecuniary damages” or “non-economic damages”. Pain and suffering damages are intended to compensate injured people for their loss of enjoyment of life.


Past Wage Loss

Personal injury cases are quantified by the court as of the date of the trial. The trial is usually set years after the injury at a time when it is clear what residual problems an injured person has and how they affect the person’s life


Future Work Capacity Loss

At the trial of a personal injury case if the plaintiff proves that their injuries are likely to affect their capacity to earn income in the future the plaintiff is entitled to compensation.


Out of Pocket Expenses

A plaintiff may claim at trial any expense that was necessitated by the injury as long as the court finds the expense was reasonable and due to the injury.


Cost of Future Care

Following a trial the judge or jury will make an award for any item of future care that the evidence proves is “medically justified” and will promote the future health and wellbeing of the injured person.

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